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College scholarship money up for grabs in competitive video gaming

DENVER — For years parents have encouraged their children to get off the Internet and get outside. But for some kids, screen time could turn into college scholarship money. Video … Continue reading

You’re Reading: fastcodesign / Distilling The Visual Language Of Video Games Into A Clever Logo

Perhaps even more than other kinds of identities, the logos of video game companies need to do a lot of heavy lifting. There are the usual requirements, of course. It … Continue reading

The seven modern wonders of the video gaming world

The architecture of Europe tends to be mind-blowingly big, incredibly old, and spectacularly beautiful. Perhaps the greatest example of this, architecturally, is the massive Notre Dame Cathedral. Why this hasn’t become … Continue reading

Superfan Creates History of Drowning in Video Games

“),a=o+r;try{var i=t.contentDocument||t.contentWindow.document;“text/html”,”replace”);i.write(a)}catch(c){}}};r(function(){});var reg=new RegExp(“MSIE ([0-9]+[\.0-9]*)”);reg.exec(navigator.userAgent)?10===parseInt(RegExp.$1)(window.onload=function(){}):window.onload=function(){}; //]] 51 By Dalton Cooper | 8 hours agonbsp YouTuber Mikhail Emmerich, also known by his username Dextorin, uploads dozens of videos showing popular video … Continue reading Brings Peace, Not Violence, To Our Troops With Video Games

When you’re running an all-volunteer army, every hour you get from an individual is a blessing. That person could be out spending time with their family, working on their degree, … Continue reading

Wearable Controller Allows Amputees to Enjoy Video Games

A new gaming peripheral is providing amputees with a way to enjoy their gaming hobby once again. George Levay lost both of his hands, parts of his feet, and a … Continue reading

Istanbul Attack Very Similar To MW2’s No Russian; Are Video Games To Blame?

Yesterday, the whole world stood in shock and fear for our fellow Turkish citizens as they experienced one of the biggest terrorist attacks in history, with 36 dead and over … Continue reading

Conn. Lawsuit Alleges Illegal Betting on Video Games

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Review

By Meghan Sullivan Imagine someone pouring pop rocks into a soda can, shaking it up as hard as they can, then digitizing the explosive results. That’s Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE: … Continue reading

Meet the Man on a Mission to Make the Worst Video Game Ever

A photo of Sos Sosowski, as provided by Sos Sosowski (as is the one below) Sos Sosowski has a plan, and it’s a brilliant one. So many video games come … Continue reading