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Videogaming Deserves to Be Taken Seriously

“When Tech Bites Back: The Cost of Innovation” (U.S. News, Oct. 20) misses the mark on the relationships among the videogame industry, young adults, employment and engagement. Indeed, organizations such … Continue reading

One Key to Westworld: Video Games

The newcomer, William (Jimmi Simpson), takes the “crates” around him for granted, following his storyline on rails like he’s supposed to. The unnamed veteran, referred to in the credits as … Continue reading

Six Video Game Oriented Horror Films For Halloween

Considering it’s Halloween and all, some of you may be foregoing the idea of hitting up a Halloween party in favor of simply staying at home and watching a good … Continue reading

Gaming’s rarest systems, carts, and collectibles can be found at this huge museum

reader comments 36 FRISCO, Texas—Finally, there’s a museum made for people like me. The National Videogame Museum (yes, they spell it as one word) has been open since April of … Continue reading

How a forgotten ’80s gem created the formula for video game horror

Imagine an alternate timeline where Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, instead of riding the wave of critical praise and commercial success that enabled it to become a template for so many … Continue reading

Five creepy video game clowns, just in time for Halloween

Honk honk [Clowns…Halloween…you know where this is going ~ JuIc3] Have you heard that there’s a creepy clown epidemic going on? It’s true, the media is going crazy reporting scary … Continue reading

New video games jostle for attention

Figuring out what to get for your video gamer friends and relatives this holiday season is about to become a lot more complicated. Over the next two months, the game … Continue reading

Buy 2, Get 1 Free Video Game Deal Begins at Target – GameSpot

Before the holiday shopping craze really begins, Target has launched a new Buy 2, Get 1 promotion on all video games and board games. Now through November 5, you can … Continue reading

Video games remade in cardboard

XCOM, or how to lose friends and alienate people I first got into board gaming a couple of years ago, after reading a glowing review of Pandemic on this very … Continue reading

Find out the 22 Terrifying Video Games This Halloween

Halloween is celebrated in most countries and to fit the gamers mood, different spine-chilling video games lined up for more thrilling game adventure.(Photo: Photo: H2ODelirious/YouTube) Halloween is just two days … Continue reading