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How Japanese video games made a comeback in 2017

After scouting the show floor at Tokyo Game Show 2009, Keiji Inafune came to a grim conclusion: “When I looked at all the different games on the event floor, I … Continue reading

The 15 Most Influential Video Game Characters of All Time

“There’s no accounting for taste,” said someone it seems rather a long time ago. Well, okay, some accounting. We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t have rationalizations for … Continue reading

Recreational Video Game Competition Super League Gaming Raises $15 Million

Kids at Super League Gaming event at Cinemark theater in Playa Vista. Photo by Ringo Chiu. Recreational video game league Super League Gaming announced on Thursday that it raised a … Continue reading

Video Game Release Dates for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC Gaming Titles

When it comes to scheduling out your entertainment, you’ve got a lot of options these days. We’re in the age of Peak TV, Superhero Cinema, and have an unparalleled amount … Continue reading

Zoie Burgher’s plan for a YouTube reality show: bikinis, video games, and a California mansion

Zoie Burgher gamed the YouTube celebrity system hard. It took her just a few months to rack up her first million subscribers, something that has taken other aspiring YouTubers years. … Continue reading

Golden Entertainment subsidiary licensed to operate video gaming … – Las Vegas Review

A subsidiary of Golden Entertainment, the Nevada slot route operator that runs the PT’s Pub chain, has been licensed to operate video gaming terminals in Illinois. The company announced Wednesday … Continue reading

Is video gaming the new high school sport?

If you think about what constitutes a sport, the contest that took place recently at Robert Morris University checked many of the boxes. Did the competitors put in many hours … Continue reading

Video gaming can do personal damage | Letters |

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Sliders contemplate video gaming upgrade – …

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – A Springfield baseball team is considering adding gambling to its game day experience. Springfield Sliders executive director Todd Miller says the baseball team is considering adding … Continue reading

When the going got tough, Nintendo and Microsoft decided to go for broke on video-game strategy

Nintendo was hemmed in on both sides and in deep trouble. The company’s Wii U video-game console, an effort to add a small, semiportable screen to the hit motion-sensing Wii, … Continue reading