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‘The Walking Dead’ video game could be the next Pokémon Go

Screenshot via Walking Dead/Instagram

Don’t Expect Violent Video Games To Be In Olympic Esports

There’s been talk going for some time that esports could very well play a part in the Olympics as soon as the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in Paris. That said, … Continue reading

Georgia video games spawn charges of payoffs, bribery and betrayal

An envelope stuffed with cash. Under-the-table payoffs. Backstabbing treachery over contracts worth millions. Welcome to the underbelly of Georgia’s $675 million-a-year video gaming industry, which produces enough accusations of fraud and … Continue reading

20 Most Embarrassing Video Game Moments Since 2000

Rockstar It’s been quite some time since the year 2000. Destiny’s Child was asking you to say their name, N’SYNC was saying “bye bye bye” and Creed still wanted to … Continue reading

Military researchers enlist video gaming troops to test weapons in …

The US army is looking for soldiers to play online video games that feature possible weapons of the future, including robots, drones and armoured vehicles. Troops who take part in … Continue reading

Huntington vintage gaming convention continues to grow – Charleston Gazette

Related Facts WANT TO GO? Power Up Video Game Convention WHEN: 11 a.m. Saturday, September 2. WHERE: Big Sandy Superstore Arena, Huntington TICKETS: $5 INFO: 304-696-5990 or Cool things … Continue reading

14 Biggest Video Game Rumors That Rocked The Gaming World

Every once in a while, something happens in our industry- something big; something major. Something that makes people stop whatever they’re doing and pay attention to what they’re seeing unravel. … Continue reading

African Esports Are Ready to Explode, but Video Game Publishers Are Holding Them Back

All Youssef Mohsen wanted was to see his players compete in international tournaments, but after winning a dozen esports competitions in Africa and the Middle East he learned he was … Continue reading

Ohio State University Revokes Credentials Of Sensationalist Anti-Video Game Researcher

Ohio State University has pulled the PhD credentials of one of the leading authors of a controversial study that claimed first-person shooter video games enabled players to aim guns in … Continue reading

Violent Video Games Don’t Belong In The Olympics, IOC President Says

Earlier this month, it was reported that representatives for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games were talking to the International Olympic Committee about potentially adding a competitive gaming tournament to … Continue reading