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How to build the video game you wanted when you were 13

The beginning of Lotia One of Lockwood’s favorite games was an RPG (role playing game) called Underlight, which he started playing—an average of 35 hours a week, he estimates—when he … Continue reading

10 Worst Final Bosses In Video Game History

Team ICO Did you know that the majority of people won’t finish the games they purchase? None other than Kotaku once collated some results back in 2011 that proved a … Continue reading

5 More Book Series We’d Love to See as Video Games

Features There’s Got to Be a Better Way to Handle Single-Player Microtransactions Like it or not, they’re here to stay.

Samsung is about to release the widest computer monitor you can buy — here’s what it’s like

Samsung has taken displays to the next level with its new super ultra-wide monitor. It’s called the CHG90 GLED Gaming Monitor, and it’s a lot different than other displays. The … Continue reading

Loot boxes in video games will soon get a review flag from …

reader comments 125 In the week since I ranted about the increasingly poisonous practice of loot boxes appearing in retail-priced video games, more big-ticket titles have shown up to the loot … Continue reading

Chinese Woman Loses Sight in Right Eye From Excessive Video …

Millie Hurst | Contributing Writer | 1 day ago The Debrief: This sounds absolutely terrifying. A young Chinese woman has been diagnosed with a serious eye condition called retinal artery … Continue reading

Blade Runner Inspired Two Very Different Video Games

Blade Runner fuses together a morally ambivalent story about godhood with a visual panache that has shaped cinematic science fiction since its 1982 release. While it has inspired many games … Continue reading