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How An ICO Plans On Changing The World Of Video Games

Blockchain technology continues to be brought to the world of video games. 2017 was a big year in the world of gaming. Independent games such as Cuphead have topped the … Continue reading

That’s cheating! Video-game companies suing crooked players

gaming game play tv fun gamer gamepad guy controller video console playing player holding hobby playful enjoyment view concept – stock image (Photo: scyther5, This content is subject to copyright.) … Continue reading

Supporters, opponents air concerns at Orland Park video gambling forum

The competitiveness of small businesses and the social costs of gambling were among the major themes during Orland Park’s first public meeting on the issue of whether video gambling should … Continue reading

These are the most popular video games ever on YouTube

While we may no longer be in the “golden age” of gaming, people are spending billions on video games and playing them for hours a week, more so than ever … Continue reading

‘Desert Bus’ was once dubbed the ‘worst video game ever made.’ Now there’s a sequel.

Screenshot from “Desert Bus VR” (Gearbox Software) Driving a bus hundreds of miles from Tucson to Las Vegas may not be some people’s idea of fun. But that’s what players do … Continue reading

That’s cheating! Video-game companies suing crooked players

Rogue online gamers have designed, sold or used computer code to crush competitors playing the popular “Fortnite” survival video game, spoiling the experience and the creator’s profit potential, the game’s … Continue reading

Bella’s Bistro Market fails to get Cary video gaming license on 2nd attempt

Rocky Bhalla wanted to open Bella’s Bistro Market in the corner unit of the Cary Shopping Center, 632 Route 14. It would have featured a food and wine counter, a … Continue reading

Game on: The benefits of playing video games with your kids

Just how much time kids spend playing video games has long been a source of controversy. Some experts think gaming can have a negative impact on children’s behaviour, but new … Continue reading

The Worst Video Game Ever Created Just Won’t Die

Desert Bus, the worst and also very best video game ever created, is back from the dead. Again. Desert Bus VR resurrects the spectacularly boring title is stunning virtual reality, … Continue reading

Video game stocks drop as Wall Street debates industry future after EA’s monetization ‘debacle’

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