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Seattle’s Multibillion Dollar Gaming Industry – News

Tweet Seattle is a gaming town. Not just because we have a lot of people who play video games. Not just because it’s easier to find a box of Catan … Continue reading


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iPhone Sales Are Falling, and Apple's App Fees Might Be Next

iPhone Sales Are Falling, and Apple’s App Fees Might Be Next Last year, every time someone paid $11 for Netflix through an iPhone app, Apple pocketed as much as $3.30. … Continue reading

In Success for 'Captain Marvel,' a Defeat for Trolls

In Success for ‘Captain Marvel,’ a Defeat for Trolls Captain Marvel possesses superhuman strength, cosmic awareness and, it turns out, the ability to vanquish trolls. Read More…

Google Gears Up For Gaming With A Video Teasing What May Be A New Console

Google gets involved in video gamesCredit: Google Yesterday, Google left no doubt that it’s making a serious move into video gaming with a teaser trailer for what surely looks like … Continue reading