6 Video Game Fan Theories The Studios Actually Confirmed

Fan theories aren’t limited to movies and TV, and as video games have grown more sophisticated, many of them have challenged players to draw their own conclusions about their narratives, character arcs and deepest mysteries.

Some of these theories are plausible enough for developers to address. The idea of Fallout taking place in the distant future of the Elder Scrolls series was thought provoking – until Bethesda came out and debunked it.

In truth, most fan theories have all the merit of tin-hatted conspiracy ramblings, and while these can be entertaining, the chances of them being accurate are about as high as a mere mortal playing through Dark Souls 3 without dying once.

Every once in a while, though, players devise ideas about their favourite games that are right on the money, so shrewd and inspiring that the developers confirm them.

This is far more common in the mediums of film and television, but it isn’t unheard of in gaming, and here are the times the studios were forced to concede that their fanbase was really onto something…


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