‘Cyber athlete’ video gamer ‘bled to death after freak accident while he celebrated winning online war simulation’

A video gamer died after severing an artery while celebrating a victorious tank match online.

Sergey Aksenov, who had had thousands of fans across the globe who watched him play games, fell into a glass cabinet in a moment of ecstasy.

He is believed to have bled to death at his home.

The gamer was considered a “cyber-athlete” because he was one of the best tank commanders on popular online war game World of Tanks.

Sergey regularly streamed videos from his house in south-central Russia’s Kemerovo Oblast region, and was noted for drinking alcohol while playing, often swearing at the camera.

Gamers around the world watched videos of Sergey Aksenov playing (stock image)
(Image: Image Source)

Tragedy struck after he had just won a battle, which took him a step closer to his coveted 50% win ratio on the game.

It is believed that after several alcoholic drinks, he stumbled as he got up to go to the toilet, shattering the glass and severing an artery.

Below is an image from the game Sergey was known for playing.

Sergey spoke about his love of World of Tanks in a series of posts on social media, while his online gaming profile shows he last logged in to play on October 18.

At the time of his tragic death, he had a win ratio of 48.85 percent, agonisingly close to his target.

Gamers paid tribute to him after news of his death was share online.


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